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Geoscience Books is owned and operated by Phillip Huber, in Faribault, Minnesota. Phillip is a geologist with extensive field and museum experience, and research interests ranging from Paleozoic fossil fishes to Mesozoic dinosaurs and footprints, and the rocks they all occur in. He has published 30 papers in journals and books on these topics. When he discovered that fatherhood and extensive field work away from home were not compatible, Phillip launched Upper Midwest Geology and Natural History Books in 1999. What began as selling duplicate and oddball volumes from his research library quickly led to acquiring thousands of geology-related books from various sources. In 2006, Phillip acquired Geoscience Books from Michael Cohn of Libby, Montana, along with it’s 30,000 volume inventory.

Presently, we stock around 35,000 titles focused on geology and paleontology that includes bulletins, monographs, atlases, maps, journal offprints, and on occasion, original letters and photographs of historically-famous geologists and naturalists. Of our large stock, perhaps half is inventoried, which is a never-ending process. We actively purchase or sometimes trade for important or better volumes, reports and/or maps related to the geological sciences, and have particular expertise in 19th and early 20th century century North American titles, and also do collection appraisals.

When not selling books, raising his kids or entertaining his dogs, Phillip works on active research projects currently focused on Triassic-Jurassic age rocks and fossils of the East Coast and Colorado Plateau regions.

Feel free to send us an e-mail inquiry for a particular geology-related book or topic, or just to say hello at:

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