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Welcome to RockandMineralShows.com (RMS).

Our Mission is Simple: RMS will be the go-to portal for all mineral, gem and rock shows in the USA.

Here you can post one Mineral, Lapidary or Bead Show for FREE with a Basic Membership. You can also SELL items for FREE as a long as the promotional period will allow. You can also send me your show photos for FREE. All rock clubs in the USA

This website was developed out of necessity. There are numerous websites in which show calendars can be found. But most or all are incomplete and a mineral collector can waste a lot of time surfing around looking at show schedules.  There are websites which map shows like this website, but these sites use programs which mine (scrap) show dates. These sites are rarely updated and inaccurate dates and locations of shows are common. RMS is a website, which is user driven, and financed through advertisements and memberships.

Now, for the first time online, mineral collectors, Rock hounds, and lapidaries have a website in which all shows in the USA will be listed. Because it is based on user input, it may take a few years, but I am confident, with your help, this website will be the go-to portal for all mineral and lapidary shows in the USA. Furthermore, if FM and AFMS clubs get involved, I feel this can only improve not only attendance at shows, but also improve club membership. We all know how our clubs are in decline. Attendance and membership is down across the country. So please get involved with this website. All show listings are free.

We hope you like this website and use it in your travels. 

Tom Loomis


A Mineral Collectors Website

Many of you know me as the owner/operator of Dakota Matrix Minerals. I have been collecting minerals since I was a kid. I had a rock collection, and then a mineral collection, as I became more discriminating. Then I went to school and became a geologist. Many years later, I transformed into a mineral dealer as the Internet and digital cameras revolutionized the hobby of mineral collecting. Ask most mineral dealers, and most will tell you the same thing. Now, after 18 years of selling minerals online, I wanted more to do, as if I didn’t have enough. I wanted to go to more shows, but it was cumbersome to keep track of all of them. One thing led to another and this website, RockandMineralShows.com, was developed. But it is a lot more functional than just listing mineral shows. Besides mapping out and listing all shows from coast to coast, it will also be a mineral collector’s website. Keep reading and I’ll show you.


Shows and Events List for FREE.


All Friends of Mineralogy (FM) and American federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS), Rock Clubs, independent clubs and societies and organizations such as GSA, AAPG, AIME etc. list shows or events for FREE.


Plan your mineral collecting trips.


Pick the dates and the area you want to travel to on the interactive map, coordinate gem shows along the way, and locate mineral museums, mineral dealers or rock shops too.


Watch Mineral Shows in Action!


Explore RMS, and you will find a live Twitter feed of shows in action on the home page. Mineral dealers will upload photos of their booth, their minerals, and people at the show. While you at a show, tap into the Twitter feed and let the dealers lure you to their booth.


Sell your Rocks & Minerals


I can only imagine there are thousands of people out there with a garage full of rock. Right? Well, here is your opportunity to get rid of some. I know it’s hard. You found the stuff, put a lot of effort into it, and you don’t want to give away your new IMA mineral named joeblowite for fear someone else may describe it. Well, how many years have you had it? Ten, twenty…..more? Just go through it and make a little extra money for yourself. You can sell a flat or just a few mineral specimens. You can also sell mineral books, journals, lapidary equipment, or collecting equipment as long as it is related to the hobby.


Mineral Dealer Updates


You will see dealer banners advertising on this website. This is what makes it tick. The dealers will have a lot of opportunity to advertise their minerals. They will also have the ability to easily post their latest website update or any other news.


Mineral and Gem Articles


Our resources will also provide you a list of helpful websites, including our famous MineralPedia. Dealers and collectors will have the opportunity to post articles about minerals, field collecting, mineral shows, or other related content.

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