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Terms and Conditions
Last updated June 4, 2018

Special Note about this website:
Please read the information below carefully. This is an informative website provided to users mainly to promote and disseminate information from rock, mineral, lapidary clubs or mineral or geological socieites such as show or conference dates. All USERS SHOULD CHECK THE ORIGINAL SOURCE (Clubs, Societes or other) for FINAL show/conference DATES. This website, organization (Dakota Matrix Minerals, Inc.) is NOT affliliated with any club or society, nor is it an afliliate of FM (Friends of Mineralogy) or AFMS (American Federation of Mineralogical Society).

These Terms & Conditions apply to this website, rocksandmineralshows.com and your use of www.rockandmineralshows.com constitutes your agreement to all such Terms, Conditions, and Policies. Please read this policy carefully. Rocksandmineralshows.com is owned and operated by Dakota Matrix Minerals, Inc. Rockandmineralshows.com provides access to and the use of this website subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

This policy provides you, as a guest, user, or registered account holder of this website with the conditions under which this website is being made available to you. By using this website you must be aware that you agree and are bound to the stated terms of these Terms & Conditions provided herein. If you do not agree with these conditions or are under the age of 13, please disconnect from this website.  If you are under the age of 18, you should review this policy with your parent or guardian and be under their supervision while using this website. At any time during your visit or in the course of doing business with rocksandmineralshows.com, if you have any questions or are dissatisfied with this policy please feel free to contact us. Our contact information is provided at the end of this document. Please review this policy often as this policy may be updated for reasons of improvements, as applied to changes in laws and regulations, or changes to the rocksandmineralshows.com website.

Definitions of Terms Used in this policy

  • Owner/Operator – owner of this website, rocksandmineralshows.com, is Dakota Matrix Minerals, Inc.
  • RMS – RocksandMineralShows.com
  • Intended or Intent Use – The RMS website is dedicated to the hobby of collecting or studying of anything related to the earth sciences. As such the Intended or Intent Use of this website is for promoting rock and mineral shows, bead shows, earth science shows, symposiums, museums or any functions which promote rocks, minerals, gems, lapidary, bead, jewelry, and earth or geological sciences. Any use outside of this intended use is prohibited and will not be approved by management. Please contact us if you have questions.
  • User – any person using this website or who is seeking information from this website for which it is intended; rock and mineral, gem, or bead, lapidary shows, earth science museums, rock shops, geological symposiums, for sale items related to rocks and minerals or related equipment, articles concerning rocks and minerals or related equipment.
  • Advertiser/Account Holder – any person or entity using this website for advertising or information distribution or for selling items for the intended use of this website. Any attempt to register an account not related the intended use is prohibited. Any attempt by an advertiser/account holder not related the intended use is prohibited.
  • Fees – all fees are in US dollars.

Acceptance of these Terms

Use of our website constitutes your unconditional agreement with RMS and to all the terms and conditions contained in this document. Further, you agree to all other policies as set forth in the RMS website. Our terms and conditions also include agreement with all other policies contained herein. Please read our privacy policy also. If you require clarification of this or other policies, please feel free to contact us. Our contact information is provided at the end of this document. If you do not agree with the terms of this policy or any other policy(s) either in full or in part, you should cease using this website immediately. RMS reserves the right to alter, change, add or delete the terms of this policy at any time without prior notice and will post these changes on our website. Please review this policy often.

Registration for Use

A guest or registered user of this website agrees to provide RMS true and accurate information when required on the RMS website. This includes accurate and updated information relevant to all events, shows, for sale items, rock shops, gift shops, museums, geo-places such as natural geological occurrences, fee-collecting including any rock or mineral collecting sites for a fee, and advertising. In addition account holders must provide accurate and updated information for all registration forms, inquiries, feedback or any other forms. The account holder agrees to maintain and promptly update all account information including, but not limited, to phone numbers, email, billing, and account information. RMS cannot be held liable for erroneous, misrepresented, or non-current contact information in regards to events, shows, addresses, payments, or correspondence. Additionally, it is the account holder responsibility to keep their username/password secure outside of the website and inside this website when managing, browsing, or other activity on the website. RMS will do everything possible to keep account holder information secure and private. RMS cannot be held liable for the unauthorized activity resulting from a user’s failure to maintain username/password security.

We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service without notice if we have reasonable grounds to believe any information given to RMS is fraudulent, inaccurate, incomplete or untrue.

Advertising & Account Payments

All advertisements on rocksandmineralshows.com are subject to approval. Advertising will be approved within one calendar week unless an individual agreement is necessary or unforeseeable conditions such as website problems prevent approval, otherwise money will be returned. Advertising cycles begin immediately upon approval or upon agreement with account holder. All advertising must be compliant with the intended use of the RMS website, otherwise will not be approved. All advertising sales are final and binding. We reserve the right to cancel any advertisement(s) at our discretion.  All advertising and other fees collected by RMS are final. See “Cancelation” for further information. RMS employs the use of “credits” which allows you to easily upgrade advertising plans or have flexibility to use your payments for the many different functions of the RMS website (i.e.. for sale items, publicity articles, banners etc.). RMS will collect tax on advertisements where appropriate.

Advertising and on RMS is satisfaction guaranteed. If we have not performed and executed the items as stated in the membership levels and our policy pages, we will return your money in full within 60 days.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

For Sale Items

RMS only facilitates the sale of items to buyers. All communications and transactions are the responsibility of the seller and buyer. All “For Sale” items on rocksandmineralshows.com must be compliant with the intended use of the RMS website and are subject to approval. For Sale items are limited to the sale of rock, mineral, beads, crystals, lapidary items such as tools, prospecting equipment, or other items related to the study of mineralogy, geology, rock hounding, or other Earth sciences. Selling of harmful, poisonous, radioactive, or other hazardous minerals, rock, or other products are strictly prohibited. Selling of vertebrate fossils, and other federally protected fossils, antiquities and archeological artifacts, and stolen objects are strictly prohibited. A prohibited product will immediately be removed by RMS. All “For Sale” items will be approved within one calendar week unless a special agreement is necessary or unforeseeable conditions such as website problems prevent approval, otherwise money will be returned.  RMS will contact buyer and seller by email or phone if necessary. “For Sale” cycles begin immediately upon approval or upon agreement with account holder. We reserve the right to cancel or purge “For Sale(s)” items at our discretion. Correspondence between the seller and buyer is strictly by website messaging. All email or phone conversations generated as a result during or after a “For Sale” transaction is strictly the responsibility of the buyer and seller. When necessary, RMS may communicate by email or phone concerning “For Sale” items. Photos must be sent by email between seller and buyer. It is not necessary for RMS to read these communications. All communications are between buyer and seller, and thus RMS is not liable or responsible for intolerable language, harassment, slander, or any inappropriate behavior between buyer and seller. RMS may however retain and archive these communications in the event of court ordered subpoenas or other legal process. RMS makes no guarantee of the security of data generated between buyer and seller. RMS is not responsible for any products or items and their integrity, quality, authenticity, provenance, defects, which have exchanged ownership or possession and any misrepresentation between buyer and seller is not the responsibility of RMS. RMS is not responsible for any part of the transaction between buyer and seller, including sales price, negotiated price, item integrity, identification, size, weight, or unforeseeable hazards of sold items. Furthermore, RMS is not responsible for any poisonous, radioactive, toxic, or hazardous products exchange between buyer and seller. 

Buyer and seller of “For Sale” items are responsible for all transaction details, including but not limited to correspondence, shipping, addressing, packaging, boxing, postage, or tax liabilities. Only sellers send "for sale" items, RMS does not ship or send items, unless RMS is the seller. All shipping of products between buyer and seller is subject to State and Federal laws and these parties are solely responsible for adherence to these laws and regulations.

The collection and reporting of any sales tax is strictly the responsibility of the seller or buyer. RMS is not responsible for any issues regarding taxing on “For Sale” items. RMS does not retain records of sales or exchange of money regarding “For Sale” items on RMS.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.


If you are unsatisfied with RMS and have a club/society, business, or promoter level membership within a 30-day period from joining, we will refund your money. After 30 days, there will be no refund unless the website is nonfunctional for no less than a 14 day continuous period of time. If after 30 days, you wish to cancel your membership, not including an Individual level membership, a refund may be granted on a prorated basis i.e.. the remainder of your 1 year membership term.

There will be no refunds for an individual level membership unless there have been problems with the RMS website, which prohibit selling and buying for greater than 14 continuous days.

The loss of your Internet connection does not constitute a problem with the RMS website.

Cancelations of advertisements and for sale items must be made directly to RMS. Please contact dakotamatrix@gmail.com if you wish to purge and cancel your advertising or your “For Sale” item. 


All website RMS photographs and images, website design and logos, text, articles, and graphics are the intellectual property of RMS and may not be used or reproduced without prior written permission from RMS. Digital Right/Copyright protection is guaranteed through all international treaties and conventions with the United States.  For more info on Digital Rights/Copyrights see the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

All images uploaded to the RMS website by a member are the copyrighted ownership of that member. Reproduction, copying or using these images in any form constitutes copyright infringement. RMS is NOT responsible for the unlawful use or copyright infringement of a members images. RMS cannot control social media sharing of member images. If a member disagrees with this policy, RMS discourages uploading images to RMS. 

Third Party Links

Accesses to third party websites linked within the RMS website are provided to you for convenience only. These links include, but are not limited to PayPal, social media sites such Facebook, Twitter, and various advertisers. Once you leave this website by clicking on one of these links, you enter a third party website and thereby are subject to their policies and conditions of use.  RMS encourages you to review all third party policies.


Use of the RMS website constitutes an unconditional agreement with RMS that all website features and its contents are provided with no warranties expressed or otherwise implied. RMS does not guarantee any of the following: the compatibility or security of any website components, continuous or unlimited access to the website or any pages therein, error free functionality. Fees and other charges related to “For Sale” items and advertising prices are subject to change without notice. RMS does not waive any rights in which consumers are protected by law. RMS does not make any promises regarding completeness, accuracy, reliability, security of this website, advertisements, or “For Sale” items. RMS is not responsible for any malware or virus or other deleterious products of computer and Internet mischief. RMS is not responsible for personal information used in generating an account on RMS, but will protect and secure account holder information. RMS does not and will not store account holder financial data such as credit card numbers. All financial data needed for payment is delivered between user and third party vendors such as PayPal by secure means. RMS is a service provided only under its intended use.
RMS is not responsible for show dates or locations, club websites, provided by advertiser, club, or other entities. It is the user’s responsibility to verify this information. RMS gives websites or contacts for user information.

Contact Information

Questions about this Terms and Conditions Statement can be directed to dakotamatrix@gmail.com .

Payments and Returns

All payments are made through PayPal, Inc. to RMS - rockandmineralshows.com when an advertising purchase is made. Customers make payments by credit card through PayPal only. RMS does not carry or hold credit card numbers. All advertisements must be approved. Refunds are made if both parties are not satisfied and are not in compliance with RMS Terms and Conditions.

Payments must be made within 30 days. Refunds are made within 30 days.

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